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By Lexi Balevre

Stripping the foundation 
Off thinning brittle walls 
How naked these apprehensive hands
Peeling the moments one-by-one away 
Biting intrusive mental monsters 
Under my thumbnail
A remedy for today’s cares

A hard-to-read eye
Parallels a glance towards mine
The million-second silence
The unknown aura-from-behind 
Chills channeling from throat to spine
These everyday interactions
Are millisecond stimulations
Let me rip the brittle barriers
To filter the foggy space free 

Falling for a foreign lover 
The fix, a flick of the first cigarette
Another addiction, from these fingers
Just one more touch 
Will turn anxieties into broken branches
Just one more moment 
Will cure this stubborn throbbing, thought.
Now, onto the next. 

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