Editors Issue #6 2021

Katie Durant

Katie Durant is an English and Creative Writing instructor, a freelance writer, and the Editor in Chief of Dead River Review. She holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA from Bennington College. Katie has published work in The Citron Review, The James Franco Review, The Voices Project, The Middlesex Review, and others. Specializing in nonlinear memoir, Katie is working on a book-length exploration of the depths of her family’s struggles with poverty and mental illness. Find her website and blog here: https://katiedurant.com/.

Carolyn Reistad

Carolyn Reistad is a Creative Writing student at Middlesex Community College and aspiring science fiction/fantasy book editor. She holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Maine and an MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Her publication credits consist of her Master’s thesis and an IEEE article. Perhaps someday she will publish things that people actually want to read. Carolyn lives in Massachusetts where she loves wine, cheese, and chocolate (a little too much).

Raymond Anganes

Raymond Anganes grew up surrounded by a family with a love for the inner workings of nature and technology alike. He now works as a tutor for STEM, writing, and literature courses, with plans to go into the field of forensic toxicology after earning his degree. As an avid outdoorsman, he takes inspiration from long treks out into nature, as well as from the large amount of historical nonfiction he reads in his free time. A copy of his first novel-length work “Past the Woods and Beyond the Sun” resides in the McMurdo Station Antarctic library, and an excerpt of his story “The Harvestman” has appeared in the Dead River Review online literary magazine.

Aamer Farttoosi

Aamer Farttoosi is a Creative Writing student at Middlesex Community College in Bedford by day and a writer of strange things at all times. Starting spring 2021, he is one of the Dead River Review crew of editors. His poetry and fiction workshopped at MCC and working on their publishing at DRR. 2003-2007, he was one of the translators/interpreters working side-by-side with the US Military and the US Department of State in Iraq during wartime has been given the ability to focus and deliver results, even under stressful conditions, 2010 took Introduction to Computer Science Using Java / Harvard Extension School, 1985-1989, received Bachelor of Arts in English Literature (with Honors) from University of Baghdad, 1975-1980 received Diploma in classical music performance (violin) – played one season with the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra. 

Kate McCadden

Kate McCadden writes poetry, fiction, and essays, and is the author of several works published in the Dead River Review. She lives in southern New Hampshire with her dog, Sofi. Kate enjoys gardening, crafts, and collecting a lot of useless stuff. She hopes to one day own a small farm, and a very large fish tank.

Deklan O’Connor

Deklan O’Connor is a newly accepted and confirmed transfer student for Carroll University where they will be participating in the Animal Behavior and Ethology Bachelor program. Deklan has been published in Middlesex Community College’s Dead River Review as well as the Burgundy Balloon. Deklan writes nonfiction poetry and long-form essays, with the occasional fiction piece. They hope to continue to submit and be published in many more journals and magazines.

Nancy Hutchings

Nancy Hutchings is attracted to surrealism, abstract expressionism, and conceptual art. She studies everything from street art, to fine art, and she works with all mediums. She loves exploring consciousness, mysticism, etc. She also endeavors to create and produce emotionally honest work.

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