Editors Issue #4 2019

Katie Durant: Chief Editor

Olivia Agostini: Webmistress, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Editor

Anthony Amari: Fiction and Poetry Editor

Emily Grochowski: Poetry Editor

Patrick Chieh: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Editor

Abigail Duffer: Art Editor

Cullen Malone: Fiction, Nonfiction, and Poetry Editor

Katie Durant

Katie is an adjunct professor at Middlesex Community College. A compulsive reader, obsessive grammarian, and professional word-smith, she is also a freelance writer, tutor, and editor. Having graduated from Middlesex, Wellesley, and Bennington colleges, Katie has many friends who are good for trivia and a rousing game of scrabble. She looks forward to being a crotchety cat lady well into her eighties.

Olivia Agostini

Olivia is allegedly 20 years old, and an English major with a focus in Creative Writing. Her hope is to one day become a successful sci-fi/fantasy author and publish her first book, Hijacking Halcyon. She also enjoy singing and painting, as well as spending time with family and friends. Secretly, she gets a sick thrill out of editing (roasting) other people’s writing.

Anthony Amari

I’m an editor for the Dead river review and love to write. I’m an aspiring writer, actor and filmmaker. I’m in my second year at Middlesex and look forward to pursuing my career at another four year school. Helping the Dead River Review had been a great opportunity.

Emily Grochowski

One who writes poetry needn’t be a poet. At the foundation of this, the majority of Emily’s poems remain hermetically sealed and unpublished; however, fragments of her writings can be exhumed from MCC’s Dead River Review (2018)and La Guagua’s 3rd Poetry Anthology (2019). Emily requests, if her personal writings are ever found, to please burn them all to hell.

Patrick Chieh

My name is Patrick Chieh, currently 21 and an engineering major. I am far from content with many things, so here I am because engineering can only entertain me for so long. Currently I’m working on a fantasy novel while attempting to make sense of the discord of human existence. I am dull. Can’t change that. Hope you like dull and boring.

Abigail Duffer

Abigail is a psychology major at Middlesex. One thing about her is that she always has her headphones in listening to music. She enjoys creative writing, and is currently working on a piece called Betrayal, and another one called Hidden Secrets.

Cullen Malone

Cullen Malone is a totally glammed out musician who also happens to dabble in the dark arts… the dark arts of CREATIVE WRITING!!! (dun dun dun!) He has this neo-’80s New Romantic project called Boutique, where he uses the stage name Robin Rouge. He plays synths and drum machines in Boutique, along with writing the music (but not the lyrics, because pens melt whenever they reach his delicate, nail polished hands.) He also plays drums in the bands Mad Painter and Forsake Not Me, as well as being the world’s only drummer who prefers the sound of drum machines to his own playing. He got involved in Dead River Review because he supports people having a place where they can review dead rivers.

Supporting Faculty

Jonathan Bennett Bonilla

Jonathan is a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. His book of flash essays, Textolatry, is forthcoming from Delere Press (2016).

Tom Laughlin

Tom is a professor at Middlesex Community College where he teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition courses and coordinates the MCC Visiting Writers Series.  He was a founding editor of Vortext, a literary journal of Massasoit Community College, and a staff reader for ten years at Ploughshares.  His poetry has appeared in Green Mountains ReviewIbbetson StreetMuddy River Poetry ReviewNorth Essex ReviewHowth CastleMiddlesex Magazine, and other small journals and magazines.

Joseph Nardoni

An iconoclast, dreamer, activist, writer, professor, step and adoptive father, grandfather 3x over, wool-gatherer, vegetable picker, eye popper, egg-dropper, bee-bopper, tree topper, paint glopper, bottle stopper and floor mopper, who once ate French Brie while in Wisconsin; drank California Cabernet on the Left Bank; ate blue ox steak in a diner outside of Elko, Nevada; stole a salmon from a Grizzly Bear; sank Mike Fink’s barge; cut Pecos Bill’s lasso, setting the tornado free; played matchmaker for Cyrano de Bergerac and J. Alfred Prufrock; gave the typewriter to the chimp who wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays; and whose formative experience as a writer occurred when he was hiking in shorts through a field of poison oak in Nicene Marks State Park in Santa Cruz, CA, where he became psychedelically aware for the first time, “the first,” of the great interconnectedness of the universe—and didn’t develop a rash.

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