Chief Editor: Daisy Carlsen

Assistant Editors: Sean Coppinger, Danielle Bennett

Web Editor: Brandon Thompson

Assistant Web Editor: Mike Griffiths

Fiction Editors: Ethan Rosario and Izzy Maldonado

Poetry Editor: Isabelle Porter

Non-Fiction Editor: Nancy Hannan

Art Editor: Nate Currier

Publicity Manager: Audrey Serna

Social Media Manager: Catherine Trogani

Reading Board: Ben Reis, Riley Tournas, Zack Smith, Angelina Pino, Madelyn Duff


Danielle Bennett

Danielle coaches youth poets at her old high school. She is a poet but is more interested in short stories recently. Danielle believes people are a plague, but cannot say that out loud. So, writing it works. She pretends to know how to sing and wants to play the mandolin when she grows up.

Sean Coppinger

Sean grinds like Starbucks when the guitar is struck. Funk fungus is the main export of the writers; So, nowadays Sean is an assistant editor. Hike, poem, song, eat, edit, caffeine, repeat. The Dead River Review is Sean’s last rig to hitch.

Nate Currier

Tasty Steve was named after his great grandmother’s seeing-eye dog, Earl Fitzmeyer, Esq. She was so blind, she wasn’t aware Earl was a pile of sawdust. Coincidentally, she died when Earl Fitzmeyer, Esq. failed to direct her away from her husband’s wood chipper. The murder investigation is still underway, with Earl being the prime suspect.

Madelyn Duff

Enjoys fencing, world building, and a touch of writing. She has been a competent glue stick user and member of the reading board.

Mike Griffiths

Mike is an aspiring writer who one day wishes to film what he writes. Heroes are cool, but villains are better.

Nancy Hannan

Nancy is a Creative Writing student and is taking her last class (Creative Writing and Publishing) at Middlesex Community College this semester. Nancy lives in Lowell, Massachusetts. In her spare time, she like to read, write, and use her camera to take pictures of nature.

Ismael Maldonado

What’s up everyone, the name is Izzy. Izzy is Puerto Rican writer from Worcester, Massachusetts. Izzy studies Creative Writing and one day wants to master the universe. Live good people!

Angelina Pino

When not reading or writing on her own time, Angelina, or Ange, enjoys working out, gaming, and finding new places to see and hang out at in and around Boston (and the rest of the West Coast). Angelina usually writes fiction, mainly modern fantasy. She is in her final semester in the Creative Writing major at Middlesex Community College and hopefully will be transferring to UMass Boston for a Bachelor’s next Fall.

Isabelle Porter

Isabelle Porter is a Liberal Arts major at Middlesex Community College. Isabelle loves acting with all her heart, as well as playing guitar and ukulele, petting cats, singing, writing, watching ‘80s movies, and listening to musical soundtracks. Isabelle also has a keen interest in poetry and experimental fiction.

 Ben Reis

Ben Reis is a student currently pursuing a career in History. Ben splits his time between petting his cat and finding new information about the world around him (with significant overlap). He has an interest in fiction geared toward horror and sci-fi.

Ethan Rosario

Hey! Ethan’s the name, and awkward’s the game! Ethan is into fiction stories, fan-fiction, anime and sci-fi stuff. He is basically a weeaboo. He is also a music major and plays most instruments NOT CALLED THE FLUE, so that qualifies him to edit fiction.

Audrey Serna

Audrey is a racially ambiguous communist vegetarian. Her favorite authors are Bokowski (amazing writer, asshole person), Sylvia Plath, and Jason Sedaris. She writes love songs for no one but herself. She also cooks for no one but herself, and she speaks for everyone but herself. Sometimes she cries.

Zack Smith

Zack is an avid fiction reader and video gamer. When Zack isn’t deep in the narratives of Legend of Zelda or Persona, then Zack can be found nose first in a book. Grammar and spelling are fortes, and Zack is always happy to read something new.

Brandon Thompson

Brandon is a Cyber Security Student at Middlesex Community College. He is originally from Alaska and has traveled all over the United States. His diet is made up almost entirely of Red Bull and cigarettes.

Riley Tournas

Riley is a novice fiction writer who loves explosions, warfare, epic strategic battles, and kittens. He doesn’t talk much, but that’s because he’s always thinking.

Cassie Trogani

Cassie loves video games, and fiction is a favorite pastime. Legend of Zelda and Don’t Starve are two favorite games due to their unique story-telling styles. Cassie’s favorite book genres are fantasy and cozy mysteries due to the fact the adventure!

Supporting Faculty

Jonathan Bennett Bonilla

Jonathan is a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. His book of flash essays, Textolatry, is forthcoming from Delere Press (2016).

Daisy Carlsen

Daisy currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Middlesex Community College. They help run the Mill City Zine Distro in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin is a professor at Middlesex Community College where he teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition courses. He was a founding editor of Vortext, a literary journal of Massasoit Community College, and a staff reader for ten years at Ploughshares.  His poetry has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Ibbetson Street, North Essex Review, Howth Castle, Middlesex Magazine, and other small journals and magazines.

Joseph Nardoni

An iconoclast, dreamer, activist, writer, professor, step and adoptive father, grandfather 3x over, wool-gatherer, vegetable picker, eye popper, egg-dropper, bee-bopper, tree topper, paint glopper, bottle stopper and floor mopper, who once ate French Brie while in Wisconsin; drank California Cabernet on the Left Bank; ate blue ox steak in a diner outside of Elko, Nevada; stole a salmon from a Grizzly Bear; sank Mike Fink’s barge; cut Pecos Bill’s lasso, setting the tornado free; played matchmaker for Cyrano de Bergerac and J. Alfred Prufrock; gave the typewriter to the chimp who wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays; and whose formative experience as a writer occurred when he was hiking in shorts through a field of poison oak in Nicene Marks State Park in Santa Cruz, CA, where he became psychedelically aware for the first time, “the first,” of the great interconnectedness of the universe—and didn’t develop a rash.

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