Contributors Issue #1 2016

Krissy Bradley

Claire Destroismaiso

Jada Diaz

Evan Dingle

Katie Durant

Daniel Graffeo

Alberon Gundim, Jr.

Alexandra Halaby

Mary-Kate Haley

Amanda Hayes

Amanda Hayes is an undergraduate studying psychology with plans of taking her studies into the field of expressive arts therapy. She is very involved and interested in the arts such as film, photography and creative writing. She discovered the love of writing as young child due to her reserved and quiet psyche, and began practicing shortly after her grandmother passed away when she was 10. She hopes to take her passion and love for the arts and incorporate it with her interest in the field of psychology, using them together in a way to help people reduce anxiety and other stressors that life might bring along the way.

Deenah Jacques

Deenah is a Liberal Arts and Science major who plans to graduate and transfer in the fall. Her parents are from Haiti making her a first generation American. From her roots she has always been encouraged to continue her education and to always keep learning. She has always loved reading and discovered her love for creative writing in the 8th grade when her English teacher made the class write a poem off the top of their heads. Besides poetry she likes writing short stories and would like to write a novel someday. Her favorite writers include Jhumpa Lahiri, Sylvia Plath, Gwendolyn Brooks, Khaled Hosseini, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and Yusef Komunyakaa. Besides writing, she also enjoys creating collages, volunteering, listening to a variety of music, learning new things, reading psychology magazines, and watching movies.

Jacqueline Krozy

Carolyn Mayer

Carolyn Mayer started painting very young.  Growing up, she seemed to have trouble putting words to page, but managed through school.  She learned to love giant oak trees, clusters of skinny white birches, lily-of-the-valley and was always thirsty for the sea.  She takes lots of slow walks, taking pictures.  She is married, has a son, and as life got more involved, took more photos, painted less, started writing down notes after her walks.  Those notes turned into poems. The she discovered how the word processor acts as a supplemental brain.  She tried to study poets on her own and there was too much out there.  She has taken literature classes for the past five years, a long term gift to herself.  The gift of voice.  Writing is like giving birth and now she has many “Calibri” babies.

Grace McDermott

Grace McDermott is from a small town called Groton in rural Massachusetts. She enrolled in Middlesex Community College for the first time in January of 2014. She plans on taking courses in science and biotechnology before transferring to a Massachusetts state school to study Marine Biology

John McGinley

Gail Mooney

Joseph Nardoni

Tricia Nindel

Patricia Nindel is a student in good standing in the Creative Writing
Concentration at Middlesex Community College, on break this semester.
She has been married for eighteen years and lives with her husband in
Chelmsford, MA.  She loves to both read and write, but has a special
interest in short stories.  She really enjoys music, especially from the
70’s and 80’s, both hard rock as well acoustic ballads.  She has played
guitar for a number of years.

One Time Mountain

Sharitza Pardo

Michael A Roccia III

Michael A Roccia III is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing concentration at Middlesex Community College.  He has had a love for writing since he was a young boy, the first story he ever wrote was a continuation of Star Wars after he saw The Return of the Jedi in 1977.  He is particularly interested in writing fantasy that focuses on younger main characters.

Chelsea Sanchez

Rose Titus

Rose Titus works two jobs to support her writing habit.  She exists somewhere in cold, dreary New England with two manipulative cats and a very out of date Macintosh with which she creates horror and fantasy fiction.  She also has a restored classic Buick to ride around while in search of adventure.  For travel she has stayed the night in an allegedly haunted castle (and got no sleep due to the sound of strange mysterious footsteps shuffling around all night long), she has taken a boat ride on Loch Ness, and has visited the fabled Bermuda Triangle without getting lost.  Her work has previously appeared in Lost Worlds, Lynx Eye, Mausoleum, Midnight Times, Blood Moon Rising Magazine, Weird Terrain, Descend, Wicked Wheels, and other literary magazines.  Her novella Night Home, a tale of vampires found in a small rural community, is available with Amazon, Smash Words, and Barnes & Noble . com.  When she’s not working, or writing, or messing around with her old Buick, she waits by her mailbox for the next issue of Fortean Times to arrive.  She can be reached through her author Facebook site.

Jaime Lyn Twombly


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