About us

The Dead River Review is an online literary magazine created in honor of Henry David Thoreau and his love of the Concord River. Dead River Review seeks to offer Middlesex Community College a venue where students and faculty can develop their craft as readers, writers, and editors of literature as well as gain professional editorial experience and publishing credentials. We are seeking to introduce experimental styles of writing to capture the essence of humanity through contemporary submissions of literature; as such, new forms of thought and expression will always be welcomed by the editorial committee. The Dead River Review is an outlet seeking professional literary standards and new styles of writing that show love and dedication to the craft. We seek to provide a platform where writers and other artists can showcase their creative pursuits. 

However, we do not tolerate bigotry, prejudice, or offensive targeting of groups. Social commentary and critique are welcomed and encouraged, but any feelings expressed through art that target individuals or groups should be left separate from Dead River Review. If there is any gray area within these restrictions, please feel free to contact any member of the Dead River Review Editorial Board. Through this restriction we do not aim to silence but rather ensure that others are not silenced through creative expression. 

We are seeking short stories, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, film shorts, and music demos; however, you are not limited to these. Unfortunately, we cannot accept fan fiction submissions. Pen names are welcomed but not required. Faculty members are encouraged to submit. Our editorial board is committed to your contributions and your submissions will be reviewed in earnest. We read all submissions and will contact you if we’re interested in publishing your material. 

To submit, or if you have questions, please email us at deadriverreviewmcc@gmail.com.

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