The Rain That Makes the Flowers Grow

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By Nora McClellan

I am the rain that falls from the sky

No drop of water is exactly the same
There's one for every one
Of my worries, fears, insecurities
My obsessions and compulsions
Each nightmare inside my mind
Is its own raindrop
And when they fall together
They form a storm
And that's who I am
What I am

Because who am I besides a series of doubts?
What am I except a danger to myself?
I am nothing; the clouds created me
They made the rain
That pelts itself on the ground


I am the flower that grows from the earth 

My roots are the way I care for those I love
And my determination to do what's right
They keep me anchored to the ground
Up from the dirt grows a stem
That's who I am, deep down, reaching out
To the world around me, so I can try my best
So I can make a difference

And the rain?
It still comes pouring down
But now I know
That I am in the storm and not the storm itself
So all the rain just waters the flower
And makes it blossom 
Into something beautiful

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