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By Josh Nieman



Gasping at the start.

Relish in the satisfaction.

Gentle touch of my fingers caress your skin.

Clutching my hand against your wrist to pin you down.

Dripping wet with beads of sweat that spread from every pore.

Your senses rush and sway for the entire length of this roller coaster.

Sight becomes hazy and blurred almost as if you’re starting to go blind.

I can feel an uncontrollable throb from your inside as you tremble on the outside.

You loudly scream and moan for more while I feed the appetite you’ve longed for.

Stare into the abyss while you shoot stars from the barrel of your eyes.

Hours of pleasure begin settling down, but I let you enjoy one last ride.

Burning a fire inside, but you’re soaking wet from underneath your glow.

Breaking free from my grasp to claw your nails at me in passion.

Hard scratches from your fingers form on my back.

Go right ahead and release.

Panting to finally let go.


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