Contributors Issue #6 2021

Rebecca Waukau

Rebecca Waukau is currently working on getting a Paralegal Certificate at Middlesex Community College. She graduated from UMass Lowell in 2006, where she majored in Sociology. Rebecca enjoys reading, writing, music, and cooking. She also loves to spend time with her husband, their four daughters, dog, bunny, and chickens.

Zach Rahed

Zach Rahed is an undergraduate student at Middlesex Community College in Bedford, Massachusetts where he is majoring in creative writing. The art of writing, or more so the syntactical gift that came as a supreme biological innovation of man, has allowed Zach to discover new and creative pathways which will further expand or propagate his unique ability to learn the divine lessons inherent within our human spirit. Zach has three poems published in the Dead River Review webzine as of the spring of 2021. With sedulous determination as well as a passionate spirit, Zach hopes to find greater recognition for the time he has spent and dedicated to, writing poems, essays, and short horror fiction. As French author Louis Ferdinand Celine said in his book, Semmelweis, “Great works are those which awaken our genius, great men are those who give them a form”. Zach is a man who strives to provide you with that form—greatness.

J.M. Grenier

J.M. Grenier is a writer, teacher and student of life who misses seeing everyone on campus and who has never, ever unplugged a shouting Halloween decoration that had gone on too long.

Cheryl A. Hunter

Cheryl A. Hunter is an artist and author. Cheryl works in glass, ink and watercolor, and photography. Nature is the primary subject of her artistic creations. She exhibits and sells her work at local art shows and in various gift shops. Cheryl is also an author.  Her books span multiple genres including contemporary fiction, paranormal fantasy, and nonfiction. When she is not creating glass art, writing, or taking photographs, she loves to travel. Her interest in Ancient Greek and Roman cultures has taken her to many Archeological sites and museums in several countries. Visit her website at:

Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown is an alumni from Middlesex Community College with a degree in Engineering Technology, and is 24 years old. He enjoys drawing still lives and comics in his spare time as well as using Unreal engine to make small entertaining 3D videogames. He takes inspiration from traditional artists, mechanical devices, and nature.

Wyatt Fajkowski

I am a 16 year old dual enrolled student at MCC who will graduate in 2023 with an associates degree in chemistry. My hobbies include writing, music, and mechanics.

Bronwen Olson

Bronwen loves creating digital art, music, and films. When she isn’t playing an instrument or chess, she’s reading anything she can get her hands on. She takes inspiration from fairy tales, folklore, and mythology.

Nora McClellan

Nora McClellan is finishing up her first year as a psychology major at MCC. While at MCC, she has been involved on campus as an intern with MASSPIRG, a writing tutor with the ACE Department, and a member of Sustainability Club. Writing has long been her favorite creative outlet and go-to tool for imagination, expression, processing, and healing. This is the first time her work has been published and she is incredibly grateful for the Dead River Review for the opportunity!

Vivian Wakefield

Vivian Wakefield is a nineteen year old writer from Waltham MA. She started writing at an early age, with fun and care free homeschool classes. She has been taking Middlesex Community College classes through dual enrollment since she was fourteen, and plans to attend Champlain College this fall. On her days off, she enjoys watching cartoons and spending time with her dogs.

Raymond Anganes

Raymond Anganes grew up surrounded by a family with a love for the inner workings of nature and technology alike. He now works as a tutor for STEM, writing, and literature courses, with plans to go into the field of forensic toxicology after earning his degree. As an avid outdoorsman, he takes inspiration from long treks out into nature, as well as from the large amount of historical nonfiction he reads in his free time. A copy of his first novel-length work “Past the Woods and Beyond the Sun” resides in the McMurdo Station Antarctic library, and an excerpt of his story “The Harvestman” has appeared in the Dead River Review online literary magazine.

Katie Durant

Katie Durant is an English and Creative Writing instructor, a freelance writer, and the Editor in Chief of Dead River Review. She holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA from Bennington College. Katie has published work in The Citron Review, The James Franco Review, The Voices Project, The Middlesex Review, and others. Specializing in nonlinear memoir, Katie is working on a book-length exploration of the depths of her family’s struggles with poverty and mental illness. Find her website and blog here:

Deklan O’Connor

Deklan O’Connor is a newly accepted and confirmed transfer student for Carroll University where they will be participating in the Animal Behavior and Ethology Bachelor program. Deklan has been published in Middlesex Community College’s Dead River Review as well as the Burgundy Balloon. Deklan writes nonfiction poetry and long-form essays, with the occasional fiction piece. They hope to continue to submit and be published in many more journals and magazines.

Cayleigh Baillargeon

Cayleigh Baillargeon is the number one Cardi B tribute artist in Boston since the pandemic. She is currently in her Jesus year, but doesn’t let that stop her from acting like an old lady.  When she’s not jotting down poetry to soothe the sleep paralysis demon, she can usually be found tie dying, gardening, handing out with dogs or touring American battlefields.

Jessie Paleologos

Hello! My name is Jessie Paleologos and I am a current art student at MCC. In the past my art was in the form of special effects makeup, however I’ve recently discovered a new love for painting and drawing on a canvas. Most of my work is done in acrylic, but through school I’ve had the opportunity to explore many different mediums. Charcoal and oil have been  my favorite to work with so far, and I’m looking forward to using them on future projects!

Nancy Hutchings

I am attracted to surrealism, abstract expressionism, and conceptual art–  I study everything– from street art (graffiti) to fine art, all kinds of expression, and I work in all mediums. I love exploring consciousness, mysticism, and have a fondness for rebellion and those who rebel. I endeavor to create/produce emotionally honest work.  

Fred Edson Lafortune

FRED EDSON LAFORTUNE is a Haitian author, and poet. He is the founder of Echo Culture. Echo Culture is a nonprofit organization that promotes Haitian literature, art, and culture. Fred Lafortune is among the best known Haitian poets of the New Generation. His work has been featured in prominent European magazines such as Il Convivio (in
Italy), Le Manoir des poètes, and Art et Poésie. Lafortune’s publications include a collection of poems titled En nulle
autre (No One Else), and an anthology comprised of contemporary Haitian writers titled Cahier Haïti. In 2007,
Fred was invited to Paris by the French Society of Poets (SPF) for his literary accomplishments, and in March of
2009 Lafortune was re-invited to France as an honorary guest by the « Salon du Livre de Paris » for the signing of
his book « En nulle autre » and for the presentation of his anthology Cahier Haïti. He currently resides in Rhode
Island with his wife Joanne and daughter Grace–Victoria.

Jean Dany Joachim

JEAN DANY JOACHIM served as Poet Populist of Cambridge, 2009-2011. Growing up among poets in his
native Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Joachim wrote his first poem at age 14. After moving to the U.S. nearly two decades ago,
he began writing in English, while at the same time exploring poetry in other languages. Joachim has translated
poetry from and into Spanish, French, Haitian Creole, and English. Joachim is the creator and producer of the City
Night Reading Series, which brings together poets, writers, performers and lovers of literature to celebrate the art of the word. He is the author of “Chen Plenn – Leta,” and his work has appeared in anthologies and numerous literary

Jonathan Bennett Bonilla

JONATHAN BENNETT BONILLA is a PhD candidate in philosophy at The European Graduate School, he received
his MFA from The Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, and he he is an Assistant Professor of Humanities
at Middlesex Community College. Bennett Bonilla published a chapbook of poetry with Delere Press (What
Matters Who’s Speaking), and he is the editor of several volumes of poetry in translation (La Guagua Poetry
Anthology) published by Loom Press.

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