Contributors Issue #5 2020

Kenneth Brown

Kenneth Brown is a student here at Middlesex Community College and is 23 years old. He enjoys drawing still lives and comics in his spare time as well as using Unreal engine to make small entertaining 3D videogames. He takes inspiration from traditional artists, mechanical devices, and nature. He has just graduated in Engineering technology this past Fall and is now currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Jared T Perrone

Jared was born in Boston, Ma. He originally attended school to be a pharmacist however has since started transitioning to a more business-oriented field. He hopes to take the required classes to transfer to Umass Lowell and eventually attend law school. His interests lie in Medicine, law, and history. His submission to DeadRiverReview was done after seeing the advertisements around campus and wishing to do something with his writing besides handing it in for a grade.

Katie Durant

Katie Durant is a Massachusetts writer, the Editor in Chief of the Dead River Review, and an English and creative writing professor. She holds a BA from Wellesley College and an MFA from Bennington College. Katie has published work in The Citron Review, The James Franco Review, The Voices Project, The Middlesex Review, and The Bennington Review. Specializing in non-linear memoir, Katie is working on a memoir exploring the depth of her family’s craziness.

Michelle Loum

My name is Michelle Loum, I am 21 years old and is currently attending Middlesex Community College, majoring in Psychology. I started creatively writing poetry around 2009/2010 during my middle school years. Lastly I love to thrift, eat cookie dough ice cream, and the color pink. 

Bianca Hollenbeck

Adult learner from Billerica, Ma. that went back to school at MCC as a Studio Arts major, transferring to Mass Art for Fall 2020 to study Architectural Design and Sculpture 3D Design.

On the Dean’s List and member of the international Honor Society of 2-year colleges, Phi Theta Kappa with a 3.9 GPA. Outside of school, working as a bartender for Hilton and raising a four-year-old daughter.
I hope to satisfy my soul with a beautiful life of art.

M J Bujold

Ms. Bujold enrolled in Middlesex Community college in 2018 in search of clarity. She sought to discover a way to blend her many creative interests into one cohesive, marketable expression and needed guidance to do so.

Five semesters later she has with the instruction, support, and encouragement of gifted MCC professors found a synthesis that satisfies her. Visual artist, street photographer, and now, short story fiction writer, Ms. Bujold feels confident that she is able to tie these capabilities together to create something that is uniquely and authentically hers and is ready to publish and present it to the world.

Ms. Bujold wants to express her appreciation to the professors and staff at MCC for their patience and nurture throughout this very rich learning experience.

Erika Jepsen

Erika Jepsen graduated from Lesley University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Therapy and is currently studying the art of creative writing at Middlesex Community College.  During daylight hours, she studies the art of Armored Combat Sports at the Knights Hall in Nashua, NH.  At night, she works as a Personal Care Attendant for a woman disabled with Spinal Muscular Atrophy.  She started writing fictional stories as a junior high school student and she and her audience of friends and family have loved it ever since.

Deklan O’Connor

My name is Deklan and I have been writing poetry in my head since I was in middle school. When I reached high school I finally began writing it down. I have taken many hiatuses from recording my poetry but I am at my best when it is being written down. All people are made to create art. The art that feels the most cathartic to make is the art you should create, whether it be building fairy homes or condemning brutalist architecture.

Mackenzie Cartier

My name is Mackenzie, and I have been writing for as long as I could hold a pen. I have always flourished in the opportunity to create something from nothing. I hope to one day publish a novel for young readers. My inspiration has come from life experiences, my imagination, and the ability to take every chance to learn.

Hannah Deneve

Hannah began creatively writing at the start of the spring semester, having never touched poetry or fiction before. Much of Hannah’s work focuses primarily on mental health or LGBT topics, with the occasional random topics thrown in as well. Sometimes though, she does like to throw in a serial killer poem or two.

J.M. Grenier

J.M. Grenier is a writer and part-time faculty member in the areas of Humanities and Business. He is also an alum, having graduated from Middlesex in the mid-Nineties. In addition to appearing in this offering, J.M. has has multiple publication credits in the area of speculative fiction under a pen name.

Gina Guerra

Gina Guerra is a student at MCC. She has been previously published by Teen Ink Magazine and the iWrite Literacy Organization.

Derek Rodman

Derek Rodman is an actor and aspiring writer. He is enrolled at Middlesex Community College to progress towards an English degree with a concentration in English literature. Derek Rodman is a lifetime Massachusetts resident.

Rae Miller

Rae Miller is a Creative Writing student at Middlesex Community College who is graduating in May 2020. He has been accepted into the English program at MCLA and plans to transfer there for the Fall term. A lover of poetry and non-fiction, he often spends his free time at local poetry and storytelling events.

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