Editors Issue #7 2022

Nora McClellan

Nora McClellan is in her last semester studying Liberal Arts and Sciences at MCC and will be transferring to UMass Amherst in the fall. She is the President of Middlesex’s Mad Queens Creative Writing Club and was featured in last year’s Dead River Review.

Razan Shahin

Razan Shahin is an English Literature and Dental Hygiene major in the northern Massachusetts area. Dabbling in writing since she was a little child, she wishes to one day become a published writer but until then strives to obtain a degree in Dental Hygiene from Middlesex Community College and a Bachelor’s in English Literature from the University of Massachusetts Lowell.  

Katie Durant

Katie Durant is a Massachusetts writer, the Editor in Chief of the Dead River Review, and an English and creative writing professor. She holds a BA from Wellesley college and an MFA from Bennington College. Katie has published work in The Citron Review, The James Franco Review, The Voices Project, The Middlesex Review, and the Bennington Review. Specializing in nonlinear writing, Katie is working on a memoir exploring the depths of her family’s dysfunctions. 

Elizabeth Lux

Elizabeth Lux is in their final semester at Middlesex Community College as a Writing major, after which they will pursue a Bachelor’s degree at University of Massachusetts Lowell with the end goal of becoming a technical writer. They have written stories since they could hold a pencil, they have spent the last three years honing that skill to a fine edge. Elizabeth’s writing has a strong focus on overcoming trauma, the healing power of love, and the importance of queer characters in media.

Shawn McElhiney

Shawn McElhiney is a Creative Writing student with an interest in fiction, but hopes to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism in the future. He did not grow up writing fiction and found a love for it over the last two years, having a passion writing stories in western and crime genres. He hopes to publish his short stories in 2022 and would like to challenge himself writing in other genres such as horror and other forms such as screenplays. Besides writing fiction, shawn enjoys films, rap music, comedy, and hanging with his dogs.

Kyla Murray

Kyla Murray is a writer and artist who has been a Dual Enrollment student at MCC for over three years. She hates writing essays, but loves writing fiction and poetry, especially works with elements of mystery or fantasy. She has done several paid art commissions, and enjoys combining writing and illustration. As a homeschooled student, she has had the privilege of pursuing many different interests, including music, language, computer programming, and theater.

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