Editors Issue #3 2018

Chief Editor: Daisy Carlsen

Web Editor: Kayla Gilbert

Fiction Editors: David Rosario, Sara Gonsalves

Poetry Editor: Alizeh Khawaja, Destiny Donahue

Non-Fiction Editor: Boyd Matson

Art Editor: Matt Burke

Publicity Manager: Julia Martyn

Social Media Manager: Kayla Gilbert


Kayla Gilbert

Kayla is an aspiring Creative Writing professor; has a huge love for Fiction, Creative Writing, and bows down before poets. Currently web editor of Dead River Review and still trying to uninstall anxiety.

David Rosario

David is a loner who sleeps all day and lives in the night with a teddy bear.

Sara Gonsalves

Sara is a Creative Writing major at Middlesex Community College. She writes fantasy fiction stories and loves Sour Patch watermelon.

Destiny Donahue

Destiny is a fellow student a Middlesex Community College. She is studying to get a major in Creative Writing. She is currently working on her first book. Destiny is a huge fan of fantasy fiction. People could usually find Destiny either reading, writing, or playing with her two cats and her dog.

Boyd Matson

Boyd is a Creative Writing major inspired by the late, great Rod Serling. A lifelong Democrat, he resides in the Republic of Cambridge. He enjoys running and hiking with his partner and also his dog, Truman.

Matt Burke

Eccentric and unpredictable, he is the Mad Hatter including a diet of sweets and tea. He is always listening to music and making heroes lose to villains in his upside down storytelling.

Julia Martyn

Julia is currently studying at Middlesex Community College and enjoying it immensely. Julia is majoring in Creative Writing. Interests are music radio including W.G.B.H. Marjorie Egan and Jim Browdy. Sometimes she calls in–Jim needs to LISTEN TO Marjorie…. Loves documentaries on nature and the environment. Background: farming. Loves the poetry of Irish poets Patrick Kavanaugh and John O’Donohue. R.I.P..

Alizeh Khawaja

Alizeh is a Creative Writing major at Middlesex Community College. You can find her writing emotional poems or obsessing over other poems. She aspires to make people feel something with words.

Supporting Faculty

Jonathan Bennett Bonilla

Jonathan is a PhD candidate at the European Graduate School in Saas-Fee, Switzerland. His book of flash essays, Textolatry, is forthcoming from Delere Press (2016).

Daisy Carlsen

Daisy currently teaches English and Creative Writing at Middlesex Community College. They help run the Mill City Zine Distro in Lowell, Massachusetts.

Tom Laughlin

Tom Laughlin is a professor at Middlesex Community College where he teaches Creative Writing, Literature, and Composition courses. He was a founding editor of Vortext, a literary journal of Massasoit Community College, and a staff reader for ten years at Ploughshares.  His poetry has appeared in Green Mountains Review, Ibbetson Street, North Essex Review, Howth Castle, Middlesex Magazine, and other small journals and magazines.

Joseph Nardoni

An iconoclast, dreamer, activist, writer, professor, step and adoptive father, grandfather 3x over, wool-gatherer, vegetable picker, eye popper, egg-dropper, bee-bopper, tree topper, paint glopper, bottle stopper and floor mopper, who once ate French Brie while in Wisconsin; drank California Cabernet on the Left Bank; ate blue ox steak in a diner outside of Elko, Nevada; stole a salmon from a Grizzly Bear; sank Mike Fink’s barge; cut Pecos Bill’s lasso, setting the tornado free; played matchmaker for Cyrano de Bergerac and J. Alfred Prufrock; gave the typewriter to the chimp who wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays; and whose formative experience as a writer occurred when he was hiking in shorts through a field of poison oak in Nicene Marks State Park in Santa Cruz, CA, where he became psychedelically aware for the first time, “the first,” of the great interconnectedness of the universe—and didn’t develop a rash.

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