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By Saneidaliz Melendez

You drive me nuts with the nagging. 
Always wanting more and more and more.

You see that I’m trying 
But tell me your expectations are not being met. 

I care so much about you 
So you know that I’ll keep trying. 

Why do you always force things upon me? 
Things like activities and joyful moments. Is it to grow individually or as one? 

They're not joyful to me, but I’ll give it a shot.
I won’t just try them because it’s forced upon me, but for you. 

You tell me I’m not sweet enough. 
So I come up with ideas to remind you I'm the sweetest it gets. 
You tell me I don’t share enough 
Because you love to listen to me just talk about nothing. 

You think your problems are my problems 
And vice versa. I'm not sure if that’s healthy or not. But I’ll take it. 

You point out your flaws to me 
But they're not even flaws. 

What I think are your flaws
you've made them your superior.

Your positive mindset 
Gets you hurt almost seventy five percent of the time. 

I’ll be here. I’ll protect you 
The same way you’ll be here and the same way you protect me.

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