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By Eli Miller


When future generations ask us,

“How did you stop the bloodshed?” I will not be the one to say,

“You have to.”


No child should have to fear

Others. After so

Much death, we must ask

Ourselves, when will it end? Are we

Ready to make a difference? It’s time for

Everyone to just be kind.


In a world of so much cruelty, of so much

Neglect, why can’t we all just be kind? Why

Not stop and help someone in need

Or make sure someone is okay?


Everyone just get along? We deserve a world in which

No parent has to answer a call at work

Telling them their child isn’t coming home.


But we can’t stand alone. Everyone, and I mean everyone, has to help.

Let us stand. Let us stand together

Or we will fall alone. Let us stand together

Or this world will not be fit for our children, this world with so much



“We did everything we could.”

“How could anyone have seen this coming?”

You ignored the signs. Why?

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