Name now one man or A Level Tenet: A Civic Deed

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By Robert Ringuette

this is how they try to cope
do not begin to sigh
see the truth behind their reddened eyes
look at them
without hope
remember they are
looking for a fix
they are strung out
they are strummed
by a sickness
played down in the distance
an insistent violin 
a soul cracked
with tough leather skin
an addict suffers 
you see
because they can’t
believe there is a way
extend an open hand
see the light in the dark
we can
go - ask how we can possibly help them shine again
cast a line and 
try to catch them
they lost themselves
they spent their lives reaching to connect 
when they said
no foul
no harm
they meant
they live the charmed life
gaunt faces and needled arms
blackout Bettys who can’t remember their names
bums on the street scrounging for change
you see
because they wanted it
they chose this life and took this stance
don’t tell me
you believe that everyone deserves a second chance

(now read from the bottom to the top)

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