I Will Pluck You Out of Me

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by Razan Shahin

(An abecedarius for a past lover)

A piece of you will always reside in me,
balancing me out,
countless times I’ve found myself
digging up phrases,
eating up your actions,
feigning them as my own.
God only knows who I am.
Homes became houses.
Ignorance has stolen them
just as I knew they would.
Keep me in mind inside your home,
let me live in the walls of your hidden fantasies.
My heart now envies yours.
Never did I think it would.
Ominous; it lacks emotions,
patience is something it never knew.
Quiet words will always linger in my head,
running from wall to wall,
silently making chaos.
The feelings you bestowed upon me are not my own,
using your words to get what you want,
viscous and a selfish fuck.
While I pick up the pieces you left,
xenas is the woman I will become, so 
your pieces will be picked piece by piece and
Zen will fill the holes that are missing me.

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