Here Comes the Boogeyman

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By Brian Egan

He is every looming shadow
On a long empty street 
The echoing steps behind you
of an unseen somebody’s feet 

He’s the gnarled plant
And it’s grasping vine 
The gentle arctic breath 
Whispering up your spine 

He is the shifting form 
In a swirling fog 
The glowing eyes 
Of a stalking feral dog 

As you run inside 
And lock the doors 
He’s the wrenching creak 
Beneath your floors 

He is the sickening dread 
That seeps into your bone 
When no one answers 
Calling on your phone 

He’s there when you think you’re alone
He is everywhere, that much is true
He’s the boogeyman 
And he’s coming for you

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