Give Me Back Mine

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By Chelsea Sanchez


I want to smash bottles

Against the wall

Plates splintered

On the hardwood floor


But I can’t bring myself

To care


You are the only one

Who can pull my strings

The only one allowed

To wind me up

So I can move and dance

And cry and love


But without you

I am only

A porcelain doll

Unblinking in the corner

Until I lay down to sleep


Nobody else can hold me

Together like you

The tape has stopped working

Paste is far too messy


There is loss thickening

My blood

Dust collecting in my hands

Mold growing on my ceiling

Letters piled behind the door


My legs are splayed apart

Sitting in front of

The television

Staring into the shadows

You left behind



Come home to me

And pick up all my pieces

With your own two hands


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