Unfelt Freedom

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Unfelt Freedom

By Drew A. Breton


When I walk down the street

All I see is my feet

Wanna make footsteps

Laid down in concrete


Want to be seen for the things I’ve done

Just want to be loved by everyone

But people don’t see the shooter

Only remembering the gun


After the smoke clears

All we’re left with is fears

How can we see the truth?

When we’re put lower than our peers


Stereotypes have become our identity

But I’m different, traits I have plenty

No one sees that

I’m always just one of the many


Just another white man acquitted

As if to say that I did it

Now my shackles remain tight

And handcuffs properly fitted


Modern bondage is no longer physical

It’s being told that we are all criminal

We only see races and blurred faces

But today is the day I refuse to be invisible


And I hope that someday my words raze the bar

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