The Sunflowers

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The Sunflowers

By Samantha Lynch


Position yourself on the oak, wooden floor.

Feel your toes wiggle within your soft, white socks.

Here, sits a small life with you, ready to explore

Delicate notes fill the air from the music box

See the orange sunset streaming in

Come, let us begin.


To start, remove that instructional tag,

Now flip it over, read its contents.

Inside, is the soil, packed away in the planter bag,

Take it out and open it with loving intent.

Careful, do not let it spill,

Now, pour it into the planter to its fill.


Be sure to pack it down gently and soon

Your fingers may find themselves covered in earth

At this point, find that discarded packet, attune

Yourself to the seeds within that hold the birth

Of the life you will create.

Be patient, it comes with a wait.


With six of those seeds in your open palm,

Place them half an inch down.

In this moment, your breathing is calm.

Give it some water, but be careful as to not drown

It. Now you will need to place it in that window there,

The sunlight will have to embrace it for it to live here.


Days and days will go by

But do not fret.

As long as you do not leave it dry,

You will soon see a sprout yet.

After many sunlight hours

You will have grown sunflowers.

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