doing stuff

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doing stuff

By Tasty Steve


This is the least comfortable chair I’ve sat in.

Yesterday it was fine.

But now I’m doing this.

So it’s not comfortable anymore.

Nothing is comfortable right now.

I want to stop.

But I’ve started.

This is the hardest part, right?


That’s what I’ve told myself.

I think I’m right.

It’s getting easier the more I do.

My back hurts.

I’ve hit a wall.

I can get over it.

I’ve got too much momentum.

I can’t afford to stop.

Maybe something will happen.

I don’t know what.

But something.

Until then, I keep going.

My back still hurts.

I should sit up.

I don’t know if it helped.

How is this done normally?

Do other people experience this?


It’s not a special phenomenon, this happens all the time to all people, stop thinking that you’re unique for going through it.

I suppose I asked for it.

I’m not in my element.

On purpose, of course.

I put myself here.

To see if I could?


My back hurts.

The couch looks comfortable.

But it’s less convenient.

I risk losing momentum.

I can’t afford that.

Maybe I can reward myself with it.

The promise of the couch.

Will that help?

Probably not.

The couch probably seems more comfortable BECAUSE I could lose momentum.

Kind of pathetic, thinking about it.

I want to lose momentum so I can stop.

I guess it’s not that cut and dry though.

Maybe I don’t want to stop.

I don’t really know.

My back hurts.

Is this good?

Will people enjoy this?

What I’ve done?

I don’t know if I enjoy it.

But I’m the one doing it.

I’ve done quite a bit though.

Not that it’s any great achievement.

But I was right.

Starting was the hardest part.

Is ending going to be as hard?

I don’t know.

Let me try it.

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