Visions of the Fiery Dawn

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By Zachary Rahed

Is it the end?
Or just the beginning?
A shaman sees an ominous convergence now emerging
Into the starless sky, blessings are thrust 
With uncensored curses, raging like blazing hearses 
Prayers clasped there in a chauvinistic disguise
The disciples drop to their knees, waiting
Awaiting the sunrise, that fiery beacon
For the eulogistic dawn, to issue, our spellbinding demise

Suddenly, gun-blasting emergencies arise 
In streets, where people flee, stumbling 
Where sopranos scream into windswept cities and desolate towns    
Where, as it seems, symphonies like these, are taken by so much surprise

“THE END IS HERE!”(shouts over yonder)
Eclipsed by the dread of this eldritch dusk, lay fame and fortune, 
Star-studded Hollywood
Reminding us that superficial idols of human time
Blow away, like disintegrated dust

Embracing the lights from within
On the cusp of self-induced revelation
The shaman waits, meditates
Using entheogens to vivify the great divine
His sun-glowering eyes forever begotten
So we will wait…
We will dream…
Until we see his premonition
Signaling our foreseeable doom

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