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By Samantha Lynch


The ripples of the plains grass danced in breezes of sunlight,

Rich ambrosial earth under their feet.

Darkness in the form of clouds rolled throughout

The heavens above hungry and relentless

Waves of salt and vast ferocity crashed over the plain edge.

The northern storm brewing by the hands of Asuana

By the heart of Foana, but

Without the guiding mind of Nauru.


The heavy weight of swaying cloak over cobalt armor and woolen robes.

An opulent axe held behind me, more than half my size.

A quiet fell over, the world seemed to still around us as

The luminous sun began to dip under the horizon.


A gasp of her breath, an unbelievable sight,

She firmly holds onto my arm, begging please don’t go.

A grimace as sight is set, I am stating that it must be done,

They could not leave one helpless.

Out in the waves, was a figure.

Skipping between crashing waves upright,

Looking as if the lighting of storm was exploding within its form.

Not drowning in her waters, but dancing with death above the icy claws.


My stride turns to a dash turns to a leap from the edge of the plain’s shore,

Steps that meet with Asuana’s waters but does not sink to the bottomless depths,

Racing as the sun is halfway beneath the horizon,

The form screams out,

Run faster,


Nauru give me strength

Foanna give me courage

Asuana let me save this child of yours

Let us live.


A scream from shore resounds through

Like the crackle of thunder in the storming clouds above

The sun dips below the horizon

A flash of green splits the world for a second

I close my arms around the form

My body seizes

It’s dark.

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