The Way

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The Way

By Keegan Eller


It’s the way he looks at you with a glint of mischief in his eye as if he knows your reaction before you know what he’s planning.

It’s the way he laughs and grins when he does something you would otherwise deem cheesy but it makes a smile burst from your lips and erases your always present stoic face simply because it comes from him.

It’s the way he sighs contentedly when you cuddle up to him and how he hugs you tight when you tell him he makes you feel safe.

It’s the way he makes you feel calm and reassured.

It’s the way his eyes twinkle and are more captivating than the stars above as the stars may be full of the unknown but his eyes are full of love and care when they meet yours.

It’s the way he tackles you out of nowhere simply to latch onto you.

It’s the way he makes you genuinely laugh when you had forgotten how to.

It’s the way the cold winter air that’s come too soon bites at your skin and you wish you could tell him anything and everything but nothing and something stops you every time.

It’s the way the hauntingly beautiful night is deathly quiet as if holding its breath for that one moment anxiously waiting.

It’s the way the whole world seems to listen to his question, “Do you know I love you?”

It’s the way you relax for there is only one logical answer to such a question so you grin and shake your head.

It’s the way he smirks knowing you’re baiting the words from his lips.

It’s the way he says, “I love you.”

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