The Heart of a Teacher

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The Heart of a Teacher

By Carla Duran


The child arrives like a mystery box … with puzzle pieces inside

Some of the pieces are broken or sometimes missing

And others just seem to hide


But the Heart of a teacher can sort them out … and help the child to see

The potential for greatness the child has within

A picture of what they can be


The goal isn’t just to teach knowledge … by filling the box with more pieces

It’s putting the pieces together

To create a work of art


The process is tedious, slow at times … some need more help than others

Each child is a work in progress

With different shapes and colors


First teachers create a classroom … where the child can feel safe in school

Where kids never feel threatened or afraid to try

And kindness and respect are always the rules


Teachers give children the freedom they need … to make choices on their own

So children can learn to become more responsible

And is able to stand alone


Children are taught to be strong and think for themselves as their soul and spirit heals

And the puzzle that’s taking shape inside

Has a much more positive feeling


A picture is formed as more pieces fit … an image of the child within

With greater strength and confidence

And a belief that they can WIN!


All because a hero was there … in the Heart of a teacher who cared

Enabling the child to become much more

Than they ever imagined …


A teacher with a Heart for children … knows what teaching is all about

they may not have all the answers

But on this … there’s no doubt


When asked which topics they love to teach … a teacher answers this way and smiles.

“It’s NOT the topics that matter …

It’s all about teaching the CHILD

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