Snow Peaked

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Snow Peaked

By Samantha Lynch


Grey smoke from his lips dances over the profile of his face

The same way cold blue clouds roll across the curves of mountains.

The slope of his face raises and falls under those clouds.


Empty and lonesome, is life even up there?

Branches claw at the sky, bare in the death of nature.

Lost in a hazy light of the rising sun,

Breaking through patches in the clouds

only to fall upon the rocky mountains.

Lost in the hazy light of his mesmerized eyes.

Swirling honey in dancing sunlight.


In here, the air was suffocatingly hot.

A crack in the window allows frosty air to slip in

Kissing his face and mine.

It got colder but we didn’t mind.


Look at that one he said, excitement trailed his words.

The first mountain with snow on its cap.

In awe I opened the window more,

Sweet coldness rushed in

He cranked the heat up all the way

A happy medium.


The snow was only a dusting on the top of the monumental rock.

A beautiful show piece of elegance.

As the rode curved we beheld more mountains,

It was around the corner

My heart skipped my breath hitched.


The mountain was not impressively bigger than the rest.

But the snow unleashed upon it was unlike the others.

Clouds held close to the peak,

Snow vibrant in violets and pinks,

Coating the trees, every bump and curve of rock.

Due to the luminous sun embracing the world

Life could be thriving there.


It was hard to look away,

Tears pricked my eyes,


He was already looking at me,

Only for a moment,

His smile was soft and warm.

Golden eyes filled with passion.

That smile widened when he noted the

Streams threatening to spill over in my eyes


Only a few miles left.

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