On Lily Water Pond

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By Lexi Balevre

There stands the wooden gateway bridge
Engraved with reflective signatures
By profound yellow rays
Of the springtime sun
And below his oakwood path
Gentle strokes of forest green hues
Blanket the subtle billows of this pond
Lily pads bloom with fuchsia florals
Complementary colors unite 
And water binds the seamless gradients
In ease of nature’s companionship
A bountiful breath exhales a silent solace 
Only thin-angled brushes
Wet as this scene’s endless shoreline
The intricate painter can capture 
A limitless vernal vision
Counteracting the autumnal clockwork
Shedding the serene landscape to yearly decay
On wintry woes, and creative droughts of summer
I revisit
The creaky footbridge on Water Lily Pond
And as my widening eyes descend 
So do rippling droplets of blue reflections
I am reminded once again 
We can dwell in April’s everlasting beauty
Through Monet’s lily pads.

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