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By Erik Phillip Lindsay


At first, gaze transfixed by enchanting island beauty of perfections exotic mix,

The pursuit of intoxicating allure immediately undertaken sans bag of usual tricks.

The touch of dark silken skin upon mine a divine memory never to be lost,

Insatiable desire to hold you breathlessly beneath me never seeming to exhaust.


Unequaled silhouette cast of mind-bending form seeming that of lust’s illusion,

Form’s allure paired with purity of soul proving true love’s irresistible fusion.

Raised where such a blended union would be declared by all to be taboo,

Love shared between us boundless, a kind that hatred could never undo.


Their fear masquerading as intolerance when confronted with the unknown,

Reminder to all small minds that not long ago, ’twas yours that others did bemoan.

Relationship foreign to both while sailing together into darkened waters uncharted,

Absolute in knowledge that feelings of love, from the soul never to be departed.


This unfamiliar love seemingly absolute in its power to captivate the entire soul, heart, and mind.

Memories of love’s journey holding private place in recess of the heart to eternally be enshrined.

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