Life’s Contradictions

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Life’s Contradictions

By Keegan Eller


I took the guitar without even knowing how to play.

I carried an umbrella though it was bright as day.

I climbed Mount. Everest when I was afraid of heights.

I work the late shift though I am weary of the nights.


I learned to surf without even knowing how to swim.

I threw a party even though my team didn’t win.

I left flowers at a grave without knowing their name.

I didn’t have any pictures, so I hung a frame.


I prepared dinner for two, but yet I live alone.

I bought a new house even without calling it home.

I attended school without ever taking a class.

I traveled far away without having to buy gas.


I still smiled brightly when I cried tears of sorrow.

Today might not be great but there’s always tomorrow.

I tried new things without even knowing that I could.

Life is not always great, but it can always be good.

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