Ken Brown’s 2021 Comics

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Comic Journal-page 31-drawing habits

The Comics I submitted for Dead River Review came from a comic I’ve been working on called, “Comic Journal”. The Comic shows my daily life and I intended to make it into a zine some day. A zine is a small comic typically printed by the artist to sell in small quantities. I made the comic pages with traditional means, and colored it with copic markers. I was not really good at drawing people so I went for a comic that seems more like a cartoon, hence why I draw my character as a cartoon wolf. This comic is still a draft and I presented the pages I felt were the most polished or appealing. I started the comic two years ago and I am still working on it today. Right now I have made about 39 pages for the comic, and may start to make a zine when page 40 is completed. Then I’ll have to figure out how the zines will look and be made.

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