Four Walls

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by Derek Rodman

Four Walls Four walls and a bed.
Clear walls and sound mind
A place to finally call mine
Infinite space to reflect

Think about everything so far
How’d I ever get this far?
Weight of my bags, I no longer carry
If I unpack this place will become

Four walls and a bunk.
Cement walls etched with days
A cell to atone for my regret
Indefinite sentence 

Trapped until I’m better
But my sentence was served
I felt I deserved punishment 
But after years, I realize I’m ill. This place is 

Four walls and a gurney.
White padded walls 
A place to mend my mind
It’s chronic; I deteriorate 

Nothing troubling me anymore
And yet, I linger
Will this last forever? 
I finally realize, this place is 

Four walls and a coffin.
Pyramid walls bury me alive 
My very own sarcophagus 
A tomb for me to decompose

Embalmed in my crypt 
Forgotten name in a sea of stone
What I’d give to be set free
Wait, I see it now! A choice

Four walls and a door.

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