Five Suns

Comments (0) Writing, Poetry, Issue 5

by Gina Guerra

To giant humans Tezcatlipoca 
becomes the prodigal half sun until 
Quetzalcoatl plays extreme baseball
and Tez retaliates by making the 
jaguars rain supreme as he reigns supreme

Meet your second sun: Quetzalcoatl
Aztecs learn hasa diga eebowai
Tez takes offence and transforms them into 
monkeys. The Gods give up and try again.

Tlaloc’s the sun: third time’s the charm?
Tez, no, return with Tlaloc’s wife!
It’s raining fire… let’s start anew.

Chalchiuhtlicue is Tlaloc’s new wife and the people’s fourth sun
But Tez insults her; she cried blood for 52 years: life is gone.

… Huitzilopochtli, my youngest sun, don’t let us down.

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