Dog and Pony

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By Dominic Paoletti

feral senate mongrels barking for scraps
speaking certain key words, for optics, for
re-elections to fund another pointless war—
brought to you by, Budweiser, Boeing and
this crying wife holding a folded flag, how sad
cause –oh fucking boy! a new pony toy, it’s
the iPhone ‘who gives a shit’ I’ll buy one

a dancing of bread and circus and
shiny plastic polluted overcrowded streets
captures another law man who shoots to kill--
but guess who we found between the sheets?
The attention factor tonight, led by your
favorite angry head who echoes all the bullshit
you wanna hear by babbling down your ear--

here lies some guy who couldn’t pay to live
‘but the banks can’t fail!’ the dogs bark and
squawk at the single payer ideas while
selling crates of public fears—Live from New
York’s studio audience, a laugh tract sends a mind
unswayed with frothing misinformation to
drown science downward in our boil ocean

what a great big commotion, but we just don’t
give a rat’s ass cause—Look over there!
It’s a celebrity giving someone some sass
--and you talk about class like it matters
like this deranged show will ever change the
greedy goblins who divide and always win
because status quo is all a consumer like

me will ever know in the dog and pony
show and another show, another showing
of heroes fighting villains. This weekend.
Your local theatre. Shooting dozens dead.
just go to bed, get your rest cause work needs
you there early to clean the grease traps again
and again ‘till the bitter fucking end.

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