Crab’s Wonder

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By Matthew Tighe

I was making my way down a path covered in leaves
The sun was blocked by the thickly wooded trees.
It took me mere seconds to smell the food, 
the aroma of crab meat cooking over a crackling fire,
The smell wafted along the roadside where I walked.
My empty belly began to stir and grumble
It was a simple meal,
I glanced at it to see that there was no one insight
Was this stealing?
I didn't care
I craved 
After a long day’s walk, it was hard to resist the crab,
smothered in smooth, sweet butter with a generous
number of wild herbs and cracked pepper 
It seemed fit to be for a lord’s table.
After washing the succulent meat 
down with dark, black beer,
The overwhelming satisfaction caused me to leap.
Leap for joy,
But I did not land after the leap
I fell onto my bed
I had never left.
The excitement melted into disappointment
I was almost immediately accompanied by a feeling
An excruciating and uncomfortably numb feeling 
It was provided by the drowsiness
I wanted to go back
I shut my eyes
Trying to go back to happiness
But I couldn't
During Later nights, I still couldn't go back
It was just a meal
But it made me gleeful
And I wanted that back
It seemed so unfair
I wanted to cry
I wanted what I couldn't have
And it drove me mad

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