Comments (0) Issue 6, Poetry, Writing

by Richael Aniekwenagbu

A woman’s body is like a prey to the eyes of men 
And a man’s male gaze is like a predation through the eyes of a woman 
So, be cautious with how her dress expresses herself 
Because the “wrong” dress will attract a lascivious crowd

But clothed with just a simple sweatpants and a hoodie 
Will somehow still expose the sexy parts of her body 
She can’t mind her own while looking all real pretty 
Because it’s a mixture that does not dismiss her when she is up 
next to passing by them nothing to-do street spectators 

It be the no valued men whistling for a quick recognition Or holler 
to trigger a combustion reaction for a taste of a mamacita All in the 
name’s sake of thirsting for an inch of seduction It's not a 
compliment, sounds more like harassment. 
Boiii byeee, let her walk down the street in perfect peace 

Her body's a language too telling you fuck you 
But to be mistaken as a “hard to get” type of “female” No sir, 
that’s her response to the act of your foolishness Too many 
lost men are lacking way too many common senses
Catcalling is the essence for a man whose self-respect is deficient. 
To having an insufficient amount of a true mother’s love experience 
Plus the addition to likely having an absent father who’s missing As 
social media fuels such audacity to these hypermasculinity boys

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